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Ideas That Matter, a Canadian organization funded by Avana Capital Corporation, publishes thought pieces and organizes a range of public events to stimulate debate. We also support organizations and leaders who share our vision of strong and thriving urban communities. We are particularly interested in issues relevant to cities and the values of diversity, community and the public good. Founded in 1997, the work of Ideas That Matter is inspired by the wide-ranging ideas and principles of Jane Jacobs, the American-Canadian author and activist best known for her influence on urban studies and her book The Death and Life of Great American Cities.
Currently our work is amplified by two projects supported by Ideas That Matter and funded through Avana and Maytree: The Institute on Municipal Finance & Governance (IMFG) that focuses on the fiscal health and governance challenges facing large cities and city-regions, and Cities of Migration (now part of the Global Diversity Exchange at Ryerson University) that showcases good ideas that create inclusion and urban prosperity.


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Avana Capital wins 2004 CIU Urban Leadership Award

CUI Award with recipientsAvana Capital Corporation was honoured by the Canadian Urban Institute for its work in advocating a new role for Canada's largest urban regions. Alan Broadbent, CEO, Avana Capital Corporation and Mary Rowe, director of Ideas That Matter (Avana's public discourse unit) received the “City Renewal” award for their efforts in the public realm.

"Much of our work has been aimed at trying to get provincial and federal governments to give our large cities more control of their destinies. Sometimes when governments are gridlocked in constitutional and jurisdictional stalemates, they need a jolt from outside the frame, and that is what we have been trying to do," said Alan Broadbent.

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